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Reima Koivukoski Atelier in Annankatu Helsinki. All Koivukoski Watches are fabricated here in Helsinki.


Reima Koivukoski is a watchmaker based in Southern Finland in his hometown of Espoo.  After attending the Finnish school watchmaking, he spent time in Austria working for Habring2 in micro machining. He then moved to Germany a few years to work in after sales repair and restoration. Lastly, he returned back to Espoo to start KronowerK where his focus is on watch manufacturing, restoration, servicing, prototyping, and small batch precision manufacturing.

Our Value

"Putting My Clients First, providing elegant handmade mechanical watches for clients wrists worldwide."


Koivukoski watches are all handcrafted in my 

Helsinki atelier.

Reima Koivukoski

Koivukoski Nebula golden wristwatch



Nebula is the newest entrant to Koivukoski wristwatch family. Enamel dial that is hand fabricated in our Annankatu atelier in Helsinki. Each dial is unique due the fabrication process.

Koivukoski Classic TimeOnly II wristwatch



Mechanical TimeOnly II is a modern version of the classical time only wristwatch. Golden bezel brings an elegant and vivacious twist to this beautiful piece.

Koivukoski Classic antalum mechanical wristwatch



Mechanical Classic TimeOnly is a watch to whom appreciating and valuing classical look and feeling.

This picture shows tantalum case.

A Golden watch? In my opinion, there is no shortcut to make a high-class gold watch. In our atelier we use Daniels method to create elegant golden wrist watches.

Reima Koivukoski Atelier in Helsinki Annankatu - Koivukoski Watches are manufactured here.


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