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Koivukoski Wanderer a classic worldtimer & globetrotter wristwatch in stainless steel. Available to comission 2023.

Putting My Clients First, providing elegant handmade mechanical watches for clients wrists worldwide.

Koivukoski watches are all handcrafted in my atelier 


Most of the models are available on 37 mm size as well.

Koivukoski wristwatch collection has today six elegant mechanical watch models available to order -
Raft, Wanderer, Classic, MoonPhase, TimeOnly II and the newest entrant Chronograph. Chronograph details are updated later. 

Key core services and techniques developed over the years with a passion and love to mechanical wristwatches have been the drivers to create and release an elegant wristwatch dna baseline to follow.

As an example - inspiration in Wanderer family comes from a combination of technology and new way of life and at a same time design idea has a strong link back to decades. A real classic that combines old days glory in globetrotting & travelling and today's demands

on internet era - meeting the past and future.

Näyttökuva 2022-3-25 kello 14.10.01.png

If You’re looking for something more specific or specialized in mechanical wristwatch arena,

please get in touch to discuss

how I can help You.

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sporty wristwatches -

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