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Detail Information:
Detail Information:

New prototype entrant to Koivukoski wristwatch family is Raft inspired by bold shapes of 1920 design and long-lasting heritage in watchmaking.


Concept of the watch was born tubular rafts filled with air. The design took a turn to art deco with the strong lines on the dial design followed up with the strong side pillars. Contemporary flair was given to the dial with the added lumen so the watch would be legitable even if the lights were out in the corridors of your local Polo Club or on the candlelight is too dim in the restaurant of French riviera.

As all Koivukoski watches Raft is very comfortable to wear and gives an exclusive feeling both in leisure sports and evenings with your friends.


Unisex design fits both of you.

Koivukoski Raft concept watch handmade wristwatch. Raft is available as in golden only.

Case material can be selected from materials such as:

Yellow Gold 18 ct., 

Rose Gold 18 ct.,

White Gold 18 ct.

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