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Detail Information:

Case size available in 36 mm and 37 mm also.

Mechanical Wanderer is an excellent choice for a real globetrotter, traveller or for her/him who just want to see

timezones at one glance across globe.


Easy and intuitive view of the timezones across globe. Set your own timezone or desired timezone easily to the top of the face - 12 a'clock - using crown and bezel is adjusted accordingly. Bezel engravings are available with Chinese city markings as well for English. 

Watch size is designed for very comfortable 38 mm size and fits great for any wrists as well.

Categories; Current Collection & Wanderer by Reima Koivukoski. Functions: Timezones, Hours, minutes and seconds. Bezel markings for Chinese or for English. The DLC coated dial is fabricated in house. Case is fabricated in our workshop. Movement is polished and main bridge has marbled finish. Handmade hands from steel are fabricated in our atelier as well.

Screws and all steel parts are finished and polished by hand.

Caliber 210. Movement is based on Omega 285 and is modified throughout in our workshop. Balance: Brequet overcoil and frequency of 18 000 v.p.h. Jewels 17. Movement size is 30 mm.


Case sizes  36, 37, 38, 39 and 40 mm.

Koivukoski handmade wristwatches are available in gold and steel. Caliber 201 has inhouse made bridges and is heavily customised omega movement.

Case material can be selected from materials such as: Stainless Steel AISI 316L, Silver - Argentium 935, Yellow Gold 18 ct., Rose Gold 18 ct., White Gold 18 ct., Platinum 950 or Tantalum.


A Golden watch? In my opinion, there is no shortcut to make a high-class gold watch. In our atelier we use Daniels method to create elegant golden wrist watches.

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